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New podcast – Jowett Yu, Ho Lee Fook, Mr Wong, Ms.G’s, Canton Disco

Jowett Yu was working at Tetsuya’s – then in the Top 5 of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants – but couldn’t even afford a bed. It was a wild time (just listen to the memorable “pep talk” that head chef Martin Benn gave when the restaurant reached #4 on the list) and the kitchen was […]

New podcast – Christine Manfield, Tasting India, Universal

$10,099 – that’s how much someone is asking for their copy of Christine Manfield’s Tasting India cookbook on Amazon. Sure, India Today called it the book to give native newlywed couples once they head overseas, so it’s a prized publication – but luckily, the new updated version of the award-winning book is much more budget-friendly […]

Kingdom of Rice, Tennyson Hotel, Mascot

Kingdom of Rice in Mascot is a best-of compilation of Cambodian food – as remastered by some familiar names from Acme. Mitch Orr, Cam Fairbairn, Lillia McCabe (back from Singapore’s Blackwattle) and Sophia Thach have taken over the location left by Mr Liquor’s Dirty Italian Disco and transformed it: now it’s essentially a landing strip […]

New podcast – Bo Bech, Geist

“The most interesting place in Europe to eat” – that’s how Noma’s René Redzepi described Bo Bech’s first restaurant, Paustian. The Copenhagen venue was located in the last building Jørn Utzon ever designed – and the Sydney Opera House architect was one of Bech’s regular diners. (You need to hear the story behind the dish […]

Bella Brutta, Newtown

It’s a telltale sign: over its opening weekend, I had pizza from Bella Brutta in Newtown three times. I guess I’ve been caught out being a mega fan? Not that I was ever going to be heavily opposed to the place: Luke Powell (LP’s Quality Meats) teaming up with Elvis Abrahanowicz and the Porteno team to […]

New podcast – Su Wong Ruiz, Momofuku Ko and Momofuku Seiobo

“It was probably the singular worst experience of my life, because Noodle Bar will kick your ass.” Sure, Su Wong Ruiz‘s first go at working for David Chang’s Momofuku restaurant empire wasn’t the greatest success. (“My ass was completely flattened by that experience,” she says.) But over time, she became part of the acclaimed, three-hat-earning […]

New podcast – Sunny and Ross Lusted, The Bridge Room

They’ve worked in Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Croatia, Greece, Bali and the Carribean. At one point, Ross had a job in Singapore while Sunny was in Chicago – and somehow, they ended up commuting and making it work. The couple were drawn back to Australia, though, because Ross had his eye on a restaurant location in […]

New podcast – Kylie Javier Ashton, Momofuku Seiobo

Kylie Javier Ashton has dealt with forged bookings, martini glass accidents, disguising Alex Atala with garbage bags, and countless people throwing up when she’s on the job (“you could see the frequency of the voms go up when the scampi dish was on” is one of the most memorable lines from this interview). Having survived […]

New podcast – Travis Harvey, OzHarvest

Turning unwanted coconuts into 2000 curries, 10 tonnes of donated squash into soup, leftover egg yolks from 16,000 Black Star Pastry watermelon-strawberry cakes into banana curd and working out what to do with 800 kilograms of airplane food picked up from the domestic airport gate – these are just some of the things that Travis […]

New podcast – Joe Beddia, Pizzeria Beddia

Joe Beddia makes “America’s best pizza”, according to Bon Appétit magazine. The chef/owner of Philadelphia’s Pizzeria Beddia has also been referred to as Pizza Jesus and the Jiro of Pizza. He shrugs off what he does as “just pizza”, but people would line up many hours (sometimes even arriving before Joe got to work!) just to […]

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