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New podcast – Jordan Toft, Bert’s, Coogee Pavilion, Bar Topa, The Collaroy

Jordan Toft has been a chef for Saudi royalty and he’s run a chalet in the Haute-Savoie in the French Alps. In Sydney, he’s known for his work at Bert’s (which was nominated for New Restaurant of the Year in the last Gourmet Traveller restaurant awards), The Collaroy, Bar Topa and Coogee Pavilion. His next […]

New podcast – Kirsha Kaechele, Eat The Problem, MONA

Sweet and sour cane-toad legs. Multiple cat recipes. A deadly cocktail you’re not meant to serve. These are some of the fascinating (and deliberately provocative) things you’ll find in Eat The Problem, the 544-page book by American artist and curator Kirsha Kaechele. It’s part cookbook and art project, with an impressive list of collaborators (including […]

New podcast – Ardyn Bernoth and Roslyn Grundy, Good Food and Good Food Guide

Eating near a nuclear submarine base on a Chinese island and dining with Tamil tea pickers in Sri Lanka – these are some of the memorable meals that Ardyn Bernoth and Roslyn Grundy have experienced over the years. Given their many years covering food (Ardyn is currently the national editor of Good Food, Ros is […]

New podcast – Luke Burgess, Only In Tokyo

Tokyo isn’t the most obvious place to seek out pizza, but the wood-fired slices here are better than anything you’d find in Italy. That’s what chef Luke Burgess believes – and it’s a case he makes in Only In Tokyo, the new book he’s co-authored with fellow chef (and Japan-o-phile) Michael Ryan. In the podcast, […]

New podcast – Hugh Allen, Vue de Monde, Noma

You don’t need a roof or floor to run a great restaurant – that’s what Hugh Allen learnt while working at Noma’s Mexico pop-up. And yes, there were issues. “If it rained, the guests had to come sit in the kitchen,” he says. Simple things, like boiling water, became a mission that could take hours. […]

New podcast – Mark Best, The Final Table, Bistro by Mark Best, Marque

Imagine being a 16-year-old working in a Western Australian gold mine. This was Mark Best’s life, straight after high school. It was a tough way to earn money as an electrician, so he eventually left. “I arrived in Sydney and found myself unqualified for above-ground work.” He ended up even deeper underground, claustrophobic and covered […]

New podcast – Tim Watkins, Black Market Sake, Automata

Tim Watkins’ parents needed a cooking course to learn how to use a microwave (which led to one Christmas turkey disaster) and he didn’t eat broccoli or cauliflower until he was an adult. So life in the restaurant world might not have been the most obvious career path. After a few detours (including a stint […]

100 podcast episodes later …

Annabel Crabb baked her laptop (and it wasn’t even her worst cooking disaster), while Kate Reid’s croissants inspired people to line up at two AM in zero-degree weather, just to try her pastries. Those are two of the many stories I’ve earnt from creating 100 episodes of The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry podcast. Other […]

New podcast – Kate Reid, Lune Croissanterie

Would you line up at two AM in zero-degree weather, just for a croissant? People would regularly do that all the time, purely for the chance to try Kate Reid’s pastries. The New York Times, after all, said her croissants are “the finest you will find anywhere in the world, and alone worth a trip […]

New podcast – Daniel Puskas, Sixpenny

Daniel Puskas started his career slicing tomatoes, but eventually ended up in the kitchen of Alinea, the acclaimed Chicago restaurant known for turning mozzarella curds into balloons filled with tomato foam. His experience there was part of his Josephine Pignolet Young Chef of the Year prize. It’s one of many honours he’s earned throughout his […]

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