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100 podcast episodes later …

April 19th, 2019  |  Published in Latest, Podcasts

Annabel Crabb baked her laptop (and it wasn’t even her worst cooking disaster), while Kate Reid’s croissants inspired people to line up at two AM in zero-degree weather, just to try her pastries.

Those are two of the many stories I’ve earnt from creating 100 episodes of The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry podcast.

Other things I’ve discovered: a near-drowning on the NSW coast inspired the launch of beloved NY pizzeria Roberta’s, Mike Bennie used to pick out wines for Russell Crowe, A Tribe Called Quest and Malcolm Turnbull. Jowett Yu couldn’t afford a bed when working at Tetsuya’s (then ranked #5 on the World’s 50 Best list), while Lennox Hastie essentially lived in an on-site ruin while cooking at top Michelin-starred restaurant Extebarri (“sheep used to walk in the back door to keep warm in the winter”).

I’ve learnt a lot about the nature of working in hospitality – from Morgan McGlone inheriting the worst site in the city (no could park near the restaurant and there were issues with the bathrooms, which may have cost more than the actual restaurant) to Bentley’s staff deciding to move $500,000 of wine in GoGet cars. Plus, it turns out David Chang’s innovations – from cranking up the music loudly to chefs personally serving diners actually came out of selfish motives (the music was loud so the chefs could hear it all the way back in the kitchen, and he thought he could run a restaurant without front-of-house staff)!

There have been a lot of great and surprising pay-offs from doing this podcast – from being Top 3 food podcast in Slovakia for a day to being picked to be archived by the National Library of Australia.

I’m grateful to the people who helped me get the podcast off the ground (Alex Watts, FBi radio), ALL the incredible people I’ve been lucky enough to talk to, all the people who’ve given me interview leads or helped me organise Q&As and, of course, every single person who listens to the episodes.

I’m about to jump on a plane (otherwise I’d individually link to all the podcasts listed below), but you can find all the episodes on iTunes, Stitcher, RSS, all your podcast-catching services and also here.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Podcasts

  1. Helen Yee, Grab Your Fork 07/20/16
  2. Danielle Alvarez, Fred’s 02/13/17
  3. Annabel Crabb, Kitchen Cabinet, Special Delivery 11/29/15
  4. Glen Goodwin, Bentley, Monopole, Yellow 09/29/16
  5. Mike Bennie, Rootstock Sydney
  6. Ibrahim Kasif, Stanbuli, Porteno
  7. Ben Shewry, Attica 11/18/17
  8. Palisa Anderson, Chat Thai, Boon Cafe
  9. Jake Smyth, Mary’s 08/25/15
  10. Dan Hong, Merivale 02/24/15

10 Podcast Episodes To Start With

1. Analiese Gregory (then at Funemployed, now at Franklin)
2. Ben Shewry, Attica
3. Kate Reid, Lune Croissanterie
4. Samin Nosrat, Salt Fat Acid Heat
5. Glen Goodwin, Bentley
6. Palisa Anderson, Boon Cafe, Chat Thai
7. Alex Elliot-Howery, Cornersmith
8. Richard Hargreave, Momofuku Seiobo
9. Morgan McGlone, Belles Hot Chicken
10. Helen Yee, Grab Your Fork

And this is the list of every single episode so far …

  1. David Ralph, Kakawa
  2. Josh Nicholls, The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish
  3. Myffy Rigby, Time Out Sydney
  4. Jack Hanna, The Grounds
  5. Nick Palumbo, Gelato Messina
  6. Naomi Hart, Hartsyard
  7. Christina Tosi, Momofuku Milk Bar
  8. Kristen Allan, Cornersmith and Full Circle
  9. Joanna Savill, Good Food Guide
  10. Jaime Wirth, Drink N Dine
  11. Adam Humphrey, Arras
  12. Elizabeth Hewson, Moving Out, Eating In
  13. Andrew Levins, The Dip
  14. Mike Bennie, Rootstock Sydney
  15. O Tama Carey, Berta
  16. Renee Creer, Perfect South and Sydney Tea Festival
  17. Richard Hargreave, Momofuku Seiobo
  18. Ferran Adria, elBulli
  19. Andy Bowdy (Andrew Bowden), Hartsyard
  20. Hanz Gueco, Cafe Paci
  21. Ambrose Chiang, Momofuku Seiobo
  22. Chui Lee Luk, Claude’s, Chow Eating House
  23. Nick Smith, Rising Sun Workshop
  24. Hetty McKinnon, Arthur Street Kitchen
  25. Kerby Craig, Ume
  26. Kylie Millar, Burch and Purchese, Pei Modern
  27. Massimo Bottura, Osteria Francescana, Never Trust A Skinny Italian Chef
  28. David Thompson, Katrina Birchmeier, Emma Barnes, Appetite For Excellence Awards
  29. Carlos Heng and Dan Pigott, MakMak Macarons
  30. Dan Hong, Merivale
  31. Andrew Levins, TwoThousand
  32. Mitch Orr, ACME
  33. Dan Barber and Eric Kayser, Melbourne Food and Wine Festival
  34. Christopher Thé, Black Star Pastry
  35. Matt Swieboda, Waterman Lobster Co.
  36. Analiese Gregory, Funemployed
  37. Gregory Llewelyn, Hartsyard
  38. Min Chai, N2 Extreme Gelato
  39. Jake Smyth, Mary’s
  40. Barbara Sweeney, Food and Words Festival
  41. Myffy Rigby, Good Food Guide
  42. Luke Powell, LP’s Quality Meats
  43. Claire van Vuuren and Mitch Grady, Bloodwood
  44. Ben Sears, Moon Park
  45. James Hird, Rootstock
  46. Ben Greeno, The Paddington
  47. Annabel Crabb, Kitchen Cabinet, Special Delivery
  48. Magnus Nilsson, Faviken, The Nordic Cookbook
  49. Mike Eggert, Pinbone
  50. Stuart Krelle, Luchetti Krelle
  51. Patrick Friesen, Papi Chulo, Queen Chow
  52. Alex Elliott-Howery, Cornersmith
  53. Corie Sutherland, Edition Coffee Roasters
  54. Palisa Anderson, Boon Cafe, Chat Thai
  55. Elijah (EJ) Holland, Noma Australia
  56. Helen Yee, Grab Your Fork
  57. Ibrahim Kasif, Stanbuli
  58. Glen Goodwin, Bentley, Monopole, Yellow
  59. Nancy Singleton Hachisu, Preserving The Japanese Way
  60. Mike Bennie, Rootstock Sydney
  61. Lauren Eldridge, Pei Modern
  62. Toby Wilson, Ghostboy Cantina
  63. Danielle Alvarez, Fred’s
  64. Pasi Petanen and Giorgio de Maria, That’s Amore
  65. Rob Caslick, Two Good
  66. Phil Gandevia, Bentley
  67. Mike McEnearney, Kitchen By Mike
  68. Nikki To, Food Photographer
  69. Clayton Wells, Automata
  70. Jill Dupleix, Australia’s Top 100 Restaurants
  71. Donato Toce, Gelato Messina
  72. Lennox Hastie, Firedoor
  73. Katherine Sabbath, Baker, Greatest Hits
  74. Duncan Welgemoed, Africola
  75. Brent Savage, Bentley, Monopole, Yellow, Cirrus
  76. Shannon Martinez, Smith and Daughters, Smith and Deli
  77. David McGuinness, Bourke Street Bakery
  78. Sarah Doyle, Bodega, Porteno, Continental Deli
  79. Ben Shewry, Attica
  80. Morgan McGlone, Belles Hot Chicken
  81. Myffy Rigby, Palisa Anderson, Trisha Nelson, Live At Rootstock
  82. Jock Zonfrillo, Orana
  83. Alexandra Caroll (Alex Craig), Paris and New York
  84. Eve Yeung, Noma
  85. Samin Nosrat, Salt Fat Acid Heat
  86. Sharon Salloum, Almond Bar
  87. Joe Beddia, Pizzeria Beddia
  88. Travis Harvey, OzHarvest
  89. Kylie Javier Ashton, Momofuku Seiobo
  90. Sunny and Ross Lusted, The Bridge Room
  91. Su Wong Ruiz, Momofuku Ko
  92. Bo Bech, Geist.
  93. Christine Manfield, Tasting India
  94. Jowett Yu, Ho Lee Fook, Mr Wong
  95. Shannon Martinez, Mo Wyse and El Rosa, Smith and Deli
  96. Adam Wolfers, Etelek
  97. Carlo Mirarchi, Roberta’s
  98. Caitlyn Rees, Fred’s
  99. Daniel Puskas, Sixpenny
  100. Kate Reid, Lune Croissanterie

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