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LTL_portrait-001Hi there, my name is Lee Tran Lam.  This is a blog I started for fun way back in 2007. It’s no “stop press!” surprise to learn that I have eaten many meals and ungraciously downed many drinks in the meantime. But there are a few unexpected things have happened since I hit ‘publish’ on my first post.

I’ve been featured in the Turkish edition of Vogue magazine, recommending my favourite places to eat in Sydney. (The fact I’ve been included in a fashion mag is pretty funny, considering the daggy state of my wardrobe.) I was quoted in a German regional newspaper about how willing people are to line up for Gelato Messina – even on the most bone-freezing winter days. And Danish Broadcasting Corporation interviewed me hours after I logged onto the Noma Australia site and scored a booking – despite reservations disappearing in minutes and the waiting list mounting up to 27,000 diners. (I still am dazed by how lucky I was.)

Even as an eight-year-old, I wanted to be a writer. And when I was 15, I had my first story published in a magazine. It was probably terrible and incriminating – so I’m glad that no one has a copy to blackmail me with (so far).

Since then, I’ve written (hopefully less terribly?) for Gourmet Traveller, Rolling Stone, The Big Issue, Time Out Sydney, plus various publications that sadly no longer exist (print media, it’s indestructible!). I started The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry podcast in 2012 and it was recently selected to be archived by the National Library of Australia.

I was inspired to start this blog by a dinner I had at Bentley restaurant. Along the way, this blog has led to writing gigs for Sydney Morning Herald (where I was the cafe reviewer for a stint in 2012), Good Food Guide and other food publications. I’ve been working full-time in the media for the last 13 years – as editorial assistant, staff writer, feature writer, deputy chief sub-editor and managing editor. Most recently, I was a writer/producer for Good Food. Currently, I’m freelancing as an editorial gun for hire.

This blog is still something I do for fun.

Will Reichelt kindly provides most of the pictures – the slick ones that are in focus that is (the dodgy ones can be credited to the writer!). He’s an awesome photographer and I’m very lucky that he will patiently take so many photos at a dinner table for me.

Grace Lee drew the lovely banner image for me twice – once when this blog began in 2007 and again when it was updated in 2014. She’s a talented illustrator working in Tokyo, see her work on her blog and Behance profile.

This website would not be possible without the amazing generosity and html-savviness of Daniel Boud. He’s a brilliant photographer – one of Australia’s best – and has a way of framing moments like no one else. See his work at Boudist.

This is a blog I do for pure fun and zero influence – there’s no sponsorship, sneaky advertorial or advertising. I pay for all the food mentioned, ‘cos it seems the ethical thing to do.

You can get in contact with me via email if you like – ltlam AT tpg DOT com DOT au.

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This is a blog about eating and drinking in Sydney, Australia (with the odd cross-border or off-topic detour). BYO appetite.

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