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The Save FBI cookbook zine – download, enjoy and donate

June 13th, 2009  |  Published in Uncategorized  |  2 Comments

Not The Last Supper: the Save FBI cookbook zine is done and ready for you to download!

If you’re printing it out, you can download a high-quality cover for it too. It was beautifully designed by Grace Lee.

It was quickly put together in a week and features some very great recipes (Sweetie’s Delicious Dumplings, Julia Thomas’ Choc-Cherry Muffins, Sausie & Tomato by Shag’s mum, Vegan Ginger Cakes and Mulled Wine by Eliza Sarlos, Vegetarian Lasagne by Danny & Caroline Jumpertz, Station-Saving Slow-roasted Lamb Shoulder by Peach and much more!)

More details here, where you can also make donations in exchange for the zine.

Donate to FBi

Download, enjoy, donate – and save FBI 94.5FM!

For a taste of it, here’s my contribution – which includes my recipe for Bruschetta In A Teacup.

I love bruschetta but I am hopeless at eating it – I start slicing a piece of it and the little tomato cubes jumble off the bread and I have to re-scoop them up with a knife and redistribute them amid the crusts again.

So, I came up with Bruschetta In A Teacup to combat this. It is also a good time-stalling starter if you are throwing a dinner party – you can feed it to your guests while you’re still dashing about in the kitchen, slinging things into the oven, garnishing dishes and watching pots bubble away. Also, you can make it ages before they arrive (the flavour is even better) and it’s all good to go when they turn up.

Basic ingredients
A handful of cherry tomatoes per guest
A slurp of extra virgin olive oil
A dash of caramelised balsamic vinegar (you can use aged balsamic with a good sprinkle of sugar instead, if you don’t have this)
A nice loaf of bread (sourdough or ciabatta are sound picks), sliced thickly
Clove of garlic (optional)

Optional extras
Finely diced garlic
A bit of fresh chilli/dried chilli
Finely diced Red onion
Toasted pine nuts
Shavings of good Parmesan cheese
Finely diced olives
Sea salt and ground black pepper to season

Basically, chop the cherry tomatoes.
Drop into a small Asian-style teacup or ramekin.
Add a good slurp of extra virgin olive oil (enough to submerge half the tomato).
Add a dash of the vinegar.
Add any optional extras you like – don’t go over-the-top with one particular ingredient, but go for a nice mix. Be sparing with stronger ingredients, such as onion or garlic, unless you do like a sharp hit with your bruschetta.
Give the ingredients a good stir, so the oil is evenly distributed. Leave to let flavours sink in for a bit.
Repeat as appropriate for the number of guests you have.
Before serving, grill/toast the bread.
Cut a garlic clove in half (if using) and then rub against the still-warm slices.
Serve bread on a platter.
Everyone can take a slice and dunk into their teacup as appropriate or spoon the mix onto the bread if they like. Less bruschetta spillage occurs, everyone is happy.

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  1. Kate says:

    This is so great Lee – I’ve blogged about it and am really enjoying reading through. Great job!

  2. leetranlam says:

    Thanks Kate, super-kind of you! Glad you are enjoying and thanks for your blog support of the station!

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