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Repeat orders

July 4th, 2010  |  Published in Uncategorized  |  10 Comments

Hash brown and mushrooms, Luxe Bakery, Newtown

I enjoy watching the year change according to, not the calendar, but the blackboard menu at the Luxe Bakery in Newtown. In summer, you could order oxheart-tomatoes, basil and bocconcini, fanned out on sourdough; as the temperature dropped, that disappeared and was replaced with garlicky, roasted-through mushrooms served on a thick, crusty bread-slice, and later, a pouchy sack of burrata flopped out on sourdough – creamy cheese ready to spill out at the cut of a knife. That’s had its moment, too.

One thing that’s always stuck around, no matter what the calendar says, is the excellent Hash Brown ($3), which is my most-ordered dish this year. All cross-hatched and crisp on the outside and all fluffed-out soft as you slice in, my one complaint is that it isn’t a bigger serving. My second-most-ordered is the Mushrooms ($3), which morphed from sourdough team-mate to simple side dish. These are the best mushrooms I’ve ever had in a Sydney cafe. Both these things make me extra glad when the calendar reveals that the working week is over – I can sleep in, then sneak off to Luxe for another inappropriately late breakfast.

Luxe Bakery, 195 Missenden Rd Newtown NSW (02) 4677 3739

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  1. I’ve been meaning to check this place out. Do you know what their opening times are? Also, do they have outdoor seating? The perils of having smokers as friends.

  2. I’ve been wanting to try Luxe for so long, can’t believe I haven’t been yet as it is so close to me! The hashbrowns and mushrooms sound awesome, and amazing value too!

  3. Matt Burga says:

    You have to be up early to get a seat, I’ve still never been able to eat there. Sunday morning/lunch I tried but couldn’t get a table. Walked to Deux but found their vego options to limited. So on the bus to Clipper…. Which as always, was fast cheap and awesome.

    ps. The new management and menu at Satellite is great

  4. Nathan says:

    This makes me super-homesick.

  5. Bec Hem says:

    ok, i’m booking my flights to sydney. i need to try those hashbrowns!

  6. Grace says:

    When you write, why can’t you delve more into description? Illustrate your experiences with some levity?

    Your blog reads like the ad section of the local newspaper. The most boring section.

    Come on, you can do better.

  7. leetranlam says:

    Fickle Red Riding Hood – they have a very small outdoor area, it’s more for people waiting for coffee orders, but you could have breakfast out there if you really need a nicotine fix! Just mind your knees.

    I’m not sure about opening times, but it is open for breakfast on Sundays (important), and it’s best to go a bit earlier, before things start to run out. About 11am-12pm seems to be the crazy, crowded hour, though.

    Betty – thanks for your comment, yes, you should give those sides a try.

    Matt – thanks for the Satellite tip, haven’t been since the new guys moved in, keen to try it out now. You should give Luxe a go; yes, sometimes you have to wait, but the most we’ve had to sit it out is 5-10 min.

    Nathan – one more reason you need to schlep back to Newtown!

    Bec – not sure if the breakfast will justify the cost of a flight from Europe, but it is pretty good.

    Grace – sorry, I guess this is not the blog for you!

  8. Sarah says:

    Hi there – I really enjoy reading your blog! One question: I am a huge eggs Benedict fan, do you know if Luxe serves it? I recently moved to Erskineville and am yet to find the perfect brunch spot where I can gorge on hollandaise…. any advice would be most welcome. Cheers, Sarah

  9. leetranlam says:

    Hi Sarah, thank you for your comment. Alas I’m not much of an eggs benedict expert, as it’s just not something I’m personally in the mood for early in the morning (I know, picky, huh!) but I’ll keep an eye on the Luxe board for you next time I’m in. Happy exploring of your ‘hood. Lots of good places in walking distance of you, including the great Black Star Pastry.

  10. Sarah says:

    Thanks! yeah I used to loathe hollandaise – thought it was way too heavy….but somewhere along the way my tastes changed and now I view it as the perfect hangover cure! 🙂
    black star is great – already feeling very spoilt with the food options around here, and I’ve barely scratched the surface. Looking forward to more blog entries on places in the area 🙂

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