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Instagram Interlude

August 23rd, 2012  |  Published in Restaurants  |  6 Comments

Youeni Foodstore

Here’s a confession of guilt: I’ve declared war on some unending to-do lists and I’m not sure if I’m winning. So, being time-poor, here’s the laziest blog post I’ve come up with: a recap of recent meals via that hazy-coloured memory prop, Instagram.

Youeni FoodstoreYoueni Foodstore, Surry Hills.

The wedges, roasted with rosemary, thyme and Parmesan bread crumbs (genius!), are one of many things I love about this place.

Youeni Foodstore

The Pantone-busting jug of “Sara Special” juice is also pretty brilliant, too.

Sixpenny, Stanmore

Sixpenny, Stanmore.

I took Will here for his birthday. It was as out-of-the-ballpark amazing as our previous visit. Everything won me over, convincingly – from the Pickled Fruit Salad and “garden of nuts” (as Will called it). There’s a rye-version of Milo that goes by the name of Rye-Lo. Every kid should be eating this after school.

Sixpenny, Stanmore

The petits fours take something you remember (classic Australian biscuits), zap them down to Rick Moranis proportions, while retaining their monumental flavours and uncapped levels of joy.

Sixpenny, Stanmore

We did the classic, birthday-stretching excuse-a-thon – turning this candle-blowing event into a justification for dinner at Hartsyard, too.

Will's mega cake, Hartsyard, Newtown

When I ordered a cake to be made at the restaurant, all I asked was it somehow conjure up the flavour of “burnt bits of banana cake”, as that’s one of Will’s favourite things. Hartsyard pastry chef and cake mastermind Andrew Bowden came up with this spectacular creation involving dehydrated banana cake, lemon, caramel, popcorn and coffee. I have post-cake grief just thinking about how spectacular it was and how I’ll never get to chase that dream combination of flavours again.

Claude's, Woollahra

Claude’s in Woollahra recently got an overhaul, design and menu-wise. The space is awesome – the downstairs bar is full of bright thunderbolts of colour. It’s like a pop-art weather chart.

Claude's, Woollahra

The food, too, has this liveliness and spark to it. It’s flavour unbound. Executive chef Chui Lee Luk and head chef Ben Sears are doing great things with the 2012 remix edit of Claude’s.

Claude's, Woollahra


Will I ever run out of reasons to go on about how much I love 121BC? Hopefully never.

The Milk Bar By Cafe Ish

By the way, I recorded another podcast! This time I interview Josh Nicholls of The Milk Bar By Cafe Ish about everything from Hungry Jacks’s role as Cupid in his life to how he first ended up experimenting with Japanese cuisine and bush tucker. Also covered: his secret to creating a good burger, the time he got his nose broken by an apprentice chef and the instance he ate whale bacon. You can hear it on iTunes or via RSS feed.

Paper Planes, Bondi

Other places we’ve enjoyed in the last while: Paper Planes in Bondi and that grand old icon of Sydney dining, Rockpool, which has been renamed Rockpool On George.

Rockpool, Sydney

I’m off to Melbourne to see Claire Davie, the brilliant blogger behind Melbourne Gastronome, talk at “Everyone’s a Critic”, a Melbourne Writers Festival session also featuring one of my all-time heroes, Sasha Frere-Jones. Then I’ll be recording my next podcast and also trying to outsmart the to-do list (again and again). In the meantime, you can maybe follow me on, uh, Instagram.

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  1. Kate says:

    Post-cake grief? Goodness you crack me up, Lee Tran! This post made me especially homesick for Sydney and for Sydney food 🙂

    Could also never imagine you being lazy, but good luck with the to-do lists! xx

  2. For just instagram pictures you’ve definitely got an eye for taking drool worthy photos 😉

  3. leetranlam says:

    Kate, you are the greatest! Thanks for your lovely comment. I’m glad that made you laugh. It wasn’t quite post-cake PTSD, but there was definitely a bit of “can’t believe that’s over!” regret.

    Thank you Tina, that’s very nice of you to say. I think credit goes to all the fancy Instagram filters.

  4. beth says:

    Oh, that cake!! Beautiful!

  5. Wow! A great round up of some great meals! I’m impressed with the quality of those Instagram pics. Made me hungry!

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