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The Breakfast Club

September 27th, 2008  |  Published in Uncategorized  |  4 Comments

You know you’re super-lucky when you have friends who will make breakfast for you. And not just some cereal-dunked-in-milk affair but a grand buffet with hand-squeezed orange juice and beans simmered for 12 hours and egg orders being sent via SMS (fried, poached or scrambled?). There were enough sides to make your ceramic plate quiver. It wasn’t so much breakfast as slipping into a dream-on shoot for a food magazine. It was that fabulous.

This breakfast was thrown by the incredible Tabitha and Nathan, who put the ‘epic’ back into ‘epicure’. There was a “mountain of tea” to choose from (as Karmen described it) and even “bressert” (breakfast dessert) which was fruit bread made that morning by Beth and Jeff.

The joke often is that the breadmaker is the “dud wedding present”, destined to take up guilt space in the closet until a mean springcleaning streak finally banishes it many years later. But Jeff and Beth’s breadmaker (received after their getting wedded) sounds like it is 12 kinds of awesome – it can be set to bake bread at 6am so you wake up to a crisp crust-fresh smell instead of a nagging alarm-clock bleep. It even makes pizza and jam (!).

I had my slice with tiger-striped-jam – ie an indecisive and greedy have-it-all combo of three flavours: fig, rosehip and sour cherry (which, as Tabitha said, tasted a lot like eating black forest cake).

I guess those pesky nutritionists are right – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You’d never want to skip out on a spread like this.

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  1. tim_g says:

    ok that looks v impressive.

    why are london breakfasts so lame?????

  2. leetranlam says:

    It was!
    And sorry, Tim, that the breakfast gods in London aren’t so friendly.
    Is it ‘cos everything’s triply expensive…?
    Once we work out this teleporting business, we’ll send you a tray of breakfast delights… 12-hour beans, hand-squeezed juice and all.

  3. tim_g says:

    i’m being a bit disingenuous there bcz of course we could buy those ingredients and have them at home, and things really arent too expensive. but the cafes + restaurants here really need to sort out there breakfasts! even fancy places just have the equivalent of full english/eggs benedict/pancakes blah blah blah. nothing exciting at all.

  4. Glad you liked it LTL!

    We’re still eating the left-over beans. Turns out one kilogram of beans is quite a lot.

    I suggested to Nathan that we should do an all-bressert breakfast, but he won’t let me. So give him what-for.

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