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Easter countdown

March 28th, 2010  |  Published in Uncategorized  |  4 Comments


When a calendar-flip shows how close Easter holidays is, I guess everyone starts plotting their time off and chocolate stockpiling.

So this weekend, I stopped at two of my favourite chocolatiers to see what holiday-flavoured goodies were on their shelves.

At Kakawa, David and Jin have converted the traditional hot-cross bun into a miniature praline. I’m not a huge fan of the raisin-studded pastry (it always tastes underwhelming but leaves you overstuffed!), but this cocoa version is incredible: the fruit-spiced flavour of the Easter staple is whipped into an airy, choc-perfect ganache. Skip the six-pack of hot-cross buns and get a half-dozen (or more, way way more) of this praline instead.


(Incidentally, new additions at Kakawa include the Muesli Gianduja and Blueberry & Yogurt pralines. In a perfect world, you could get away with living purely off these for breakfast. Especially the Blueberry & Yogurt, which continues to blow my choc-obsessed mind.)


As a fan of Kakawa’s pralines, it’s dangerous to learn that some of my favourite ganache flavours have been supersized into Easter-egg proportions. Here, the white chocolate shell hides a strawberry filling (I have to monitor doses so I don’t overload on its greatness), the milk choc egg hides peanut butter (on standby for PB-loving Will), and the dark one contains both sea salt caramel and a warning from David (wear a splatter-proof bib or napkin before you dig into it, otherwise a laundry emergency may occur).


Over at Boon, Alex and Fanny have introduced their first Filipino-inspired praline, called ‘Klara’ (based on the literary character, Maria Clara, who embodies the ideal Filipino woman). Its zesty ganache includes a surprising hit of kalamansi lime.


There are also ‘flower pot easter eggs’, like last year. New additions include tonka-bean, with its sharp, semi-bitter almond-and-vanilla edge and zebra patternry, and tangerine orange for citrus addicts. The excellent green-tea flavour from 2009 has made this year’s cast list, too. Each offering is ‘shovelled’ into a pot with crackly chocolate pebbles. It’s the easiest way to cultivate your sweet tooth.


So, Happy Easter countdown to everyone. I hope there’s enough sugar on standby to see you through ’til the much-wished-for holiday break.

Shop 5, 147 William St (a few blocks from the Darlinghurst Rd end), Darlinghurst, (02) 9331 8818,

Boon Chocolates, 251 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst NSW (02) 9356 8876,

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  1. Tina says:

    Such beautiful panited eggs…!

  2. ooh love the idea of the hot cross bun praline and lol i would eat the blueberry & yogurt for breakfast!

  3. Those swirled chocolate eggs are gorgeous!

  4. the kakawa hot cross bun chocolates look adorable! i got some similar ones at Haigh’s. and Benzo gave me the flower pot chocolate with white/dark swirly eggs from boon!! sydney shops have outdone themselves on easter chocolates this year !! 🙂

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