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January 24th, 2014  |  Published in Podcasts, Travel


This post is brought to you by a lack of sleep! And some semi-news …

I recently unleashed some new podcasts. If you’d like the audio company, you can listen to me chat to:

Andrew Levins, who accidentally became a one-man media-storm over the last day or so, thanks to Barry O’Farrell’s ill-advised lockout laws. But, you probably know him better as the head chef and co-owner of The Dip, which got name-checked for its hot dogs by Gourmet Traveller when it opened in mid-2011. Levins is also the only person I know who scored a cookbook deal while performing a DJ set. He has a million great tales to tell – some involving deep-fried Korean hot dogs; and it’s worth downloading this just to hear Levins’ favourite places to eat in Sydney – you’ll end up busily plotting your future meals on Google Maps as a result, I swear. Download on iTunes, directly or via RSS.

Also recently: I interviewed Elizabeth Hewson, whose PR job means that she has to “tough it out” by eating lots of snow eggs at Quay (brutal, I know; one time, she found herself being alternately fed by Peter Gilmore and Rene Redzepi). She’s also the author of a cookbook that has at least one hangover-inspired recipe. It’s called Moving Out … Eating In. Download on iTunes, directly or via RSS.


And it was great fun to talk to Adam Humphrey of Arras about the inspired creations at his restaurant – sushi bread, “Tomato Soup & Friends”, a dessert that resembles a spilled-over Negroni, to name a few. Adam also once scored against a famous UK goalkeeper, denied carbs to Antonio Banderas and, according to his doctor, should technically be dead. It’s lucky for Sydney diners that he isn’t. Download on iTunes, directly or via RSS.


If you haven’t yet scored a Gelato Messina hot dog while at Sydney Festival, then you have until this Sunday to try out the gelato parlour’s takes on that and other carnival staples – like the Pluto Pup and fairy floss (the cute punchline is that the fairy floss is just sugar-spun camouflage for the yuzu sorbet and salted caramel hidden inside, while the “Messinaweiner” is a deep-fried baton of maple syrup gelato, with a crispy coat of pancake batter and red drip of plum sauce). Or you could just go for a sundae. Follow the queues at Festival Village in Hyde Park.


And although I recently in Melbourne for only a short spell, I made sure to check out Supernormal Canteen and Lee Ho Fook – both great, unmissable places.


These inspired eateries have impressive DNA – the former is the latest project for the brilliant Andrew McConnell (whose hitmaking record includes Cutler & Co, Golden Fields, Moon Under Water and Cumulus Inc) and the latter highlights the talents of Victor Liong, previously of Mr Wong. Order the eggplant at both places. In fact, just order everything.


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