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Honeycomb, Darlinghurst

September 26th, 2011  |  Published in Uncategorized  |  9 Comments

Honeycomb, Darlinghurst

If you’ve ever been mesmerised by the blackboard at Cafe Sopra, entranced in a “can I order everything?” spell, then you will want to visit Honeycomb. It’s the new venture for chef Andy Bunn, who is responsible for this city’s dependency on his rightly famous Banoffee Pie. I’m not sure that any dessert could overthrow that incredible creation, but the Parfait ($14) at his new eatery is a heavyweight contender – dusted with a Hansel-and-Gretel trail of chocolate shavings and hiding rocky treasure deposits of honeycomb, it is insanely good.

So far, this just-opened restaurant is serving only breakfast and lunch (panini, pasta, salad and a seasonal mixed-fruit juice that your waiter spent four hours hand-squeezing), but will also operate for dinner once it lands a licence (hopefully in a few weeks’ time). Andy Bunn’s menu at Cafe Sopra was unmistakably brilliant (and explains the eatery’s neverending queues and evergrowing outlets), so getting another mealtime to experience his flair is something to highly anticipate. A lot of appetites are banking on that paperwork to be resolved soon.

Honeycomb, 354 Liverpool St, Darlinghurst NSW (02) 9331 3387,

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  1. tori says:

    It seems I left Sydney far too soon. Can’t wait to check it out when we’re back in December (and by god do I miss that banoffee pie).

  2. That looks like a dessert I want to try!

    When I was walking past Steersons Steakhouse on Bridge St recently there was a basement venue being rennovated with a building permit under the name of Fratelli Fresh stuck to do the door. Do your amazing connections know anything about it?

    I’m guessing it would more likely be a restaurant than deli. I’d be happy of the banoffee pie came to the city!

  3. That dessert looks pretty damn tasty!!!

  4. leetranlam says:

    Thanks for your comments. Tori, you need someone to smuggle you banoffee pie (someone start a banoffee smuggling ring/syndicate!). Richard, yes, a new Fratelli Fresh/Cafe Sopra is opening on Bridge St, so you will get your pie fix even more easily now. Apparently it will also have a mozzarella bar. And Nic, the parfait is great, try it if you can.

  5. Krispykitchen says:

    a mozzarella bar?

    Dear god. Lactose intolerance be damned!

  6. Cathy x. says:

    drool….. :P~ i almost wish i hadn’t seen this. i’m back to uni lock-down in the hawkesbury tomorrow *sobsob*

  7. Dolly says:


  8. Simon Leong says:

    are you allowed to photograph the menu in this new place? they don’t allow at Cafe Sopra unless you’re sneaky 🙂

  9. leetranlam says:

    Thanks guys. Yes, the honeycomb is amazing. Simon, I don’t think that Sopra/no photo rule exists anymore, as I did openly take a photograph of the blackboard menu on my phone to read later (as I am quite blind, couldn’t see the menu from my table); so did another diner and no one said anything.

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