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Bacco Wine Bar Pasticcera, Chifley Plaza, Sydney

August 17th, 2009  |  Published in Uncategorized  |  3 Comments

Bacco Wine Bar Pasticcera, Sydney

I’ve never really spent much time at Chifley Plaza. See, on my last visit, I had to pick up an $800 ballpoint pen from Tiffany to use in a magazine shoot. This was many moons ago, when I was an editorial assistant and my minimum-wage-earning self was unable to compute how a simple pen could be worth mammothly more than my weekly take-home pay. That I was so easily scandalised by a designer price tag is what has kept me well away from this upscale mall for such a long time.

Until I discovered you could get $1.50 macarons at Bacco Wine Bar Pasticcera on the ground floor.

Bacco Wine Bar Pasticcera, Sydney

It’s rare that you would bound across town to pick up food from a shopping centre, but this ground-floor eatery – with glass cases holding beautiful, penned-in pastries – is that unlikely exception.

Bacco Wine Bar Pasticcera, Sydney

Not only are there macarons (the peanut butter one is my fave, so far), but Bacco has unbelievably exquisite-looking cakes and confections – the kind that I haven’t seen since first frequenting Adriano Zumbo. (In fact, if the lines at that ever-popular Balmain patisserie discourage you, file this place as a sweet-tooth alternative. Although, I must admit: Bacco’s passionfruit macarons can’t really edge out the Zumbo ones, which are matchless).

The pastry chef here is Brendan Dewar, who has trained with French food icon, Pierre Herme – famously known as the “Picasso of pastry”. You might get a little stiff-necked working out which hyper-vivid treat in the displays to settle on; in the end, I bought a Lime Panna Cotta ($5) and Coconut Banana Dome ($5). And a takeaway Oven Baked Muesli with Roasted Almonds, Poached Fruit and Bush Honey ($6), just to trick myself into thinking my sugar-loaded order wasn’t entirely nutritionally sketchy.

I loved all of it, especially the berry jelly of the dome, its shortbread base, and the wind-swept glamour of the petal on top (and even that flowery flourish was sweet to taste).

Bacco Wine Bar Pasticcera, Sydney

My one complaint is that Bacco is only open weekdays – so if you’re not lucky enough to work or study nearby, it’s a little hard to visit (otherwise, set your alarm clock for dawn and make sure you’re there by 7am to fight the coffee-dependent crowds).

Incidentally, the patisserie transforms into a wine bar in the afternoon/evening and so far, the Eatability reviews are incredibly mixed.

Right now though, it’s the sugar-coated creations that will lure me back to the plaza’s ground floor. The macaron, as it turns out, is mightier than the visit-repelling Tiffany pen.

Bacco, Ground Floor, Chifley Plaza, Sydney NSW (02) 9223 9552,

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  1. MissBuckle says:

    Your posts are like a little vacation when I’m far far away in Norway.

    Thank you.

  2. i’ve yet to try their macaroons but will have to now since i’ve tried most of their $5 sweets. you gotta try the Concorde if you haven’t already which is my fav out of all of them to date followed closely by the Lemon Tart and then Strawberry Tart

  3. I happened to be in this area a couple of months ago and tried having lunch but lost out to the hordes on their office lunch break. However I did see all the lovely cakes in the display cabinet so I will definitely be back again!

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