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My Japan zine

May 23rd, 2012  |  Published in Zines  |  4 Comments

Speak-easy #13: the Japan issue

Major thanks (and a Tokyo-Skytree-sized “Arigatō”) to all the lovely people who picked up a copy of my Japan zine at the MCA Zine Fair on Sunday. If you couldn’t make it and you’re zine-curious, you can now order the issue online.

Speak-easy #13: the Japan issue

There’s a little spiel about it here, but if that doesn’t quite meet your recommended daily intake of zine details, keep flexing that mouse/scroll button for some more info …

Speak-easy #13: the Japan issue

My newest zine features Amy Richardson on what it’s like to live in “Japan’s kitchen” (aka Osaka); Grace Lee illustrating her favourite bakery in Tokyo (the head baker of Bourke Street Bakery Alexandria is a fan of the place, too); interviews with Ebony Bizys (whose colourful, ultra-crafty updates from Japan can be found at Hello Sandwich); Nick Coldicott (who runs Chotto, a pop-up bar in Shinjuku and has written for many publications and guidebooks about Japan); Justin Norrie (former Tokyo correspondent for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald); Mark Drew (What’s Jappening To Me?); Hon Boey (Beef Knuckles); and Meri Joyce on working with the Peace Boat charity on the earthquake relief effort.

Speak-easy #13: the Japan issue

There are also beautiful photos of Osaka by Will Reichelt (which you can catch a html-powered glimpse of here); David Tang writes about his search for the mythical schoolgirl-underwear vending machines, plus a lot more.

Speak-easy #13: the Japan issue

And, as a bonus for making it this far, here are my friend Meri’s favourite local spots in Tokyo: Yuji Sasaki’s ramen shop (Danke); a jaffle cafe with an amazing Jap-English name, Hot Sand Birthmark; Hara Donuts for its tofu donuts; and she likes to head to Beans whenever her grocery basket needs refilling.

Speak-easy #13: the Japan issue

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  1. That’s a lovely looking zine! Very cool. And I am now most intrigued by Hara Donuts…

  2. Camila Faria says:

    Beautiful zine! I love all the pictures!

  3. tori says:

    SO BEAUTIFUL. This has made me even more madly keen to get to Japan than ever before (if that was possible).

  4. memtree says:

    awesome! going to order now 😀

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